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Does your firm meet the EPA's RRP Certification Requirements?

Several years ago, The EPA Passed a law that would require all contractors disturbing Lead Base paint, be RRP(Renovation, Repair & Painting) certified. 

Many contractors continue to work on properties built prior to 1978 without this certification.  This puts homeowner, tenants, neighbors, and workers at risks of lead poisoning due to hazardous dust. 

What are the consequences of working  without an RRP License, you ask? 

Workers out of compliance with the RRP Rule could be fined up to$37,500.00 per day per worker.

Is it worth it to take an 8 hour course and become certified? You do the math !

The RRP Certification teaches those who are disturbing lead-based paint, how to properly set up work areas, to ensure the safety of all persons effected by the work being performed. 

The RRP requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Prior lead testing of painted surfaces being disturbed or the assumption that the painted surfaces contain lead.
  • Notification of start work orders are to be sent to the state prior to the start of a renovation.
  • Notification to occupants of the dwelling along with distribution of a "Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home" pamphlet.
  • Setting up barriers  to contain the lead dust and secure the work site.
  • Proper posting of signs in and around the work areas  and containment areas.
  • Safety precautions worker need to take to prevent transfer of lead dust outside containment areas and lead dust inhalation.
  • Proper breakdown and  clean up of  barriers and work areas at the end of the day or project.
  • Proper disposal and storage of components and tools being stored on site.
  • Clearance Inspections to verify the proper cleaning was performed and the areas are free of lead hazardous dust or debris.

Once you complete the RRP Certification Course,  you will be able to do most repairs and remodeling projects yourself and feel confident that you have taken all precautions necessary, and  have cleaned properly, leaving a lead safe environment for occupants of the dwellings you repaired, remodeled  or painted.

Post renovation clearance inspections are an extremely important part of the renovation process.  The inspection gives you the peace of mind, and the Acceptable Clearance Certificate to verify  that the renovation process was completed  properly.