All Phase Lead Inspections

All Phase Lead Inspections was established in June of 2004 and is owned and operated by a fully licensed Lead Inspector. We specialize in all types of Lead Inspections, including but not limited to, Lead Mitigation Inspections, Department of Health Inspections, EPA regulated Inspections, Property Transfer Inspections and Assessments. For a full list of services click here. Lead Information is only a phone call away and always free.



As a Landlord, you are required to take the 3 hour course titled " Lead Hazard Awareness Seminar".  This course is very helpful to you and will teach you ways to prevent lead poisoning. Read more

Realtors & Home Buyers

When buying a home built prior to 1978, the home or dwelling is more likely to have lead hazards. To learn more click here

Contractor & Do-It-Yourself Landlords

Does your company have the certification is needs to perform lead abatement or repairing of lead based paint? You could be fined up to 37,500.00 per day/per more